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    The most comprehensive history of
    The Olympic Games ever published.
    7th IOC President 1980-2000
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About Us

The Olympic Century book series was originally commissioned by the IOC and USOC as the Official History of the Modern Olympics. It took over 10 years of research, writing and production to produce the volumes which comprise the series.

The original 24-volume series contained over 5000 pages of text, hundreds of photographs and complete statistics. Each volume sold for $34.95, and the entire set for over $800. Now the series is available in eBook format for $7.95 per volume , or the entire series for $190.

Each volume includes comprehensive details about the games of each Olympiad (Summer and Winter), written by former Time-Life editors. Photographs, complete games’ results, appendix of the venues, and schedule of events are included in each volume.

The series was called “The most comprehensive history of the Olympic Games ever published” by former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch.

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